FALL 2021
THE STARS (we won’t be here anymore)
WORK TYPE  assist
ARTIST     andrew schneider
ROLE       hardware fabrication
CONTEXT    brown arts institute
LOCATION   fishman studio, granoff center for the creative arts
TIME       3 months, ~20 hours/week
update: this project premiered in late 2022 - a summary video can be found here

given the non-public nature of the work, documentation is limited.

during Andrew Schneider's residency at Brown Arts Institute, I worked as a studio assistant fabricating and flying the "stars" of this installation. I was most involved in soldering and wiring the stars to their DMX hubs, which we placed above on a tension grid, before properly arranging and spacing the stars.

The Stars is the second prototype version of Andrew Schneider's installation commissioned by The Onassis Foundation and The Brown Arts Institute that deals with grief, loss, and presentness.
it is set to premiere in New York City in 2023.
the in-development title is NOWISWHENWEARE.

more info on the artist's website